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From November 16th to 19th 2023, three distinguished members of the OACMUN team, Ratomir Dule Vićovac, Mateja Milovanović, and Dea Peço embarked on an adventure at the 15th edition of IașiMUN in the city of Iași, Romania. 

Their participation in The Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL), with Dule and Mateja as delegates and Dea Peço as their chairperson, marked four days of hard work, learning and almost chaotic debates between the delegation of China represented by Mateja and his ideological opponent the United States, represented by his dear friend and colleague Dule. The conference opened with a mesmerizing ceremony and concluded with an even more impressive closing ceremony, leaving many in tears. While the OACMUN team exclusively engaged in the SPECPOL committee, they made a great effort to explore various other committees, including Crisis, WHO, ECOFIN, SOCHUM, Office for Outer Space Affairs, ICJ and Legal. These unfamiliar territories provided a fresh perspective, expanding their knowledge and refining their understanding of Model United Nations. The exposure to different committee structures and topics demonstrated the diversity of approaches embraced in the Romanian MUN community. 

However, it was the people of this city who left an indelible mark on the OACMUN team. Describing them as among the nicest and most hospitable individuals encountered, the team felt a connection with the warmth and openness of this MUN community.  

As for the results made by the OACMUN delegation at the conference, Mateja Milovanović, OACMUN’s Deputy Secretary General, secured first place in his committee winning the Best Delegate award, followed by Ratomir Dule Vićovac receiving the Honourable Mention award. (Alongside the academic achievements made by our 2 members, The Sino-Russian bloc led by our Deputy Secretary General Milovanović, in a tremendous and daring effort to pursue the interest of the nation which he has represented, his bloc had accidentally “pushed” the boundaries of international law within their resolution, and some would even argue the Geneva convention. Although considered an unorthodox method by some, it marked their MUN’s history creating a lasting impact on the community and the organising team in Romania, while also securing Mateja an award.) These achievements underscored not only the individual excellence within the OACMUN team but also managed to showcase the collective dedication to raising the standards of Model United Nations in Serbia. 

The trip to Romania has proven instrumental in reshaping OACMUN’s vision and goals. The knowledge and ideas gained during this trip have positioned OACMUN on a trajectory to reach unprecedented heights within the Serbian MUN community. The team expressed gratitude to IașiMUN for serving as a guiding light, steering them towards the essence of what an MUN should truly represent. 

Vaguely quoting one of the members of the IașiMUN Secretariat, “If you did MUNs and left nothing behind, it is as if you did not do them at all.” This resonated deeply with the OACMUN team, who returned home not only with cherished memories but also with a renewed commitment to leaving a lasting impact on the debate scene in Serbia. 

As we eagerly await the next edition of IașiMUN, the OACMUN team looks forward to incorporating the lessons learned in Romania into their conference, ensuring that the legacy of OACMUN continues to thrive.

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