OACMUN Conference

Ordo Ab Chao Model United Nations powered by INFON

Are You into alternate history?

Are You a regular at historical committees?

Are You simply looking to experience a brand-new flavour of MUN?

If any of those questions are related to you at all, then the brand new Alternate Historical Committee (AHC) is just for You! 

In this article, we will explain how the Alternate History Committee will function, as well as the goals we wish to achieve by implementing it in the OACMUN experience.

How does it work?

If up until now you’ve had a chance to attend Historical Security Councils (HSC) during Your MUN journey, then the AHC will feel extremely familiar. While the topics that will be indulged at the AHC may range from medieval fantasy to sci-fi galactic diplomacy, the basic functioning template will always be the Rules of Procedure we’re all so familiar with, just like any other MUN committee! We should note that, unlike the HSC, the Alternate Historical Committee is not necessarily a security council (although this year it is), and thus won’t necessarily permit the use of VETO privileges, depending on the time period and contexts of the committee’s topic.

The main difference between the HSC and AHC is in the topics they cover. While the HSC sets You up in a real-life historical setting, where You must navigate the period’s intricate webs of allegiances, the Alternate Historical Council will throw in an added challenge, and as the name suggests, situate You in an alternate historical setting; a world that is reminiscent to our own, but somewhere along the thread of history, something went so completely differently that it significantly changed the geopolitical situation of that universe. 

You will have a chance to explore alternate history scenarios from popular media, such as the Red Dawn, Man in the High Castle, or Kaiserreich to name a few━ or (as it will be the case this year) completely new alternate scenarios that our team tailors with a specific intention to create new global challenges, and foster interesting conflict.

Our goal was to create a new and exciting committee that will not be limited by the scope of its subjects━ an environment that our experienced team can tailor into a “perfect” committee, with high chances of delegate engagement and a balance of power in mind, as to reap maximum excitement for every participant!

What’s there to look forward to about this year’s Alternate Historical Committee?

The maiden session of AHC will explore the topic by the name of “Communist USA & USSR against Resurgent European Imperialism – 1950s”. As the name suggests, You will be thrown into a world where the United States of America underwent a Communist revolution during the height of the Second World War. The world is now split between two blocs of power;

The resurgent pro-colonial Anglo-French Treaty Organization (AFTO), headed by the paranoid, vicious, and from all sides cornered powers of France and Britain, as well as the humble remainders of the “democratic” world (and its possessions), including many governments and militaries in exile━ most notably the entire armed forces of the United States that were situated in Europe during World war two;


The exuberant, confident, and hawkish Comintern, traditionally headed by the Soviet Union, although its position as the sole leader of the communist world is being challenged by the United Socialist States of America (USSA), and encompassing many recently “liberated” people’s republics from all hemispheres.

These two blocs will fight for influence, prosperity, and most importantly domination over the other. With the ever-present threat of nuclear war, the atmosphere at the session will surely be as sharp as a knife. Will humanity adapt, compromise, and reform, or will the world break under the tension of conflicting ideologies━ we shall find out at OACMUN!


By Veljko Aleksić