OACMUN Conference

Ordo Ab Chao Model United Nations powered by INFON

Participating in a Model United Nations conference is an exciting journey filled with plenty of opportunities and many enjoyable moments for delegates. However, for those who strive for the Best Delegate of the Conference award, the path is marked with unique challenges, research, compromise, extensive dialogue, and, of course, those familiar sleepless nights when writing the resolution. We recognise that such dedication often goes unrewarded. 

Understanding the immense effort invested by delegates, OACMUN is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with the esteemed Puzzle Group Travel Agency. This collaboration aims to elevate the MUN experience by offering the Best Delegate of the Conference a remarkable prize—a fully paid trip giving the winner a chance to explore Europe, with the opportunity to bring along a companion. 

This exciting partnership gives additional motivation for delegates who aim for excellence. The possibility of embarking on such an adventure serves as an inspiring incentive, appreciating the dedication and hard work done by the Best Delegate of the Conference.  

OACMUN is excited about this partnership, which not only enriches the delegate experience but also opens doors to exciting new opportunities for further collaboration.