OACMUN Conference

Ordo Ab Chao Model United Nations powered by INFON

This week, the OACMUN Secretariat, with the help of a First Belgrade Gymnasium student and esteemed member of the OACMUN Chair Board, Tea Šehić, conducted a presentation at the renowned First Belgrade Gymnasium, serving as an introduction to MUN, International oriented debate and Diplomacy. 

More than 150 students enthusiastically participated in the presentation, showcasing remarkable interest in OACMUN and our 5 committees. After the presentation and Q&A session came to an end, numerous students remained, posing questions that demonstrated their enthusiasm and curiosity about OACMUN. 

What was truly remarkable is that dozens of these passionate students took immediate action, submitting their applications on the very same day as the conference presentation. 

This overwhelming response not only underscores the interest generated by the OACMUN presentation but also shows the enthusiasm the students of this high school have for participating in such events. 

The warm reception and active involvement of the student parliament showed the commitment of both OACMUN and First Belgrade Gymnasium to providing students with an enriching educational experience. 

We thank the Student Parliament and the School for their invaluable support in making this presentation a success.