OACMUN Conference

Ordo Ab Chao Model United Nations powered by INFON

The OACMUN Secretariat is excited to open applications for our Press Team for the upcoming OACMUN 2024 conference, scheduled from February 23rd to 25th. This presents a unique opportunity for individuals passionate about journalism, storytelling, and media engagement to play a vital role in documenting and sharing the OACMUN experience. 

As a member of the Press Team, you won’t just be reporting on the happenings in the committees, with other members of press you will be capturing key moments of the conference, taking part in keeping note of committee discussions, interviewing key figures, and contributing to the production of a physical newspaper distributed throughout all 3 days of the conference. Your work as a member of the press will be integral to shaping the historical record and legacy of OACMUN, showcasing the dynamic and diverse perspectives that unfold during the event. 

Before the conference itself, the Press Team will work on creating scripts for educational videos, engaging with delegates and members of the media, and producing content for platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The role goes far beyond conventional reporting – it’s an immersive experience that combines traditional journalism with modern media practices. 

It’s important to note that being part of the OACMUN Press Team is not just about reporting. Just like our successful chairpersons who started their journey at OACMUN, the Press Team members have the opportunity to grow into prominent positions, contributing significantly to the ongoing success and innovation of OACMUN. 

Joining the Press Team is not merely a role; it’s a powerful addition to your portfolio. By involving yourself in OACMUN’s Press team a clear demonstration of your skills and proficiency in journalism, content creation, and media engagement will be shown. Moreover, as OACMUN is an official NGO project, the certificate gained for your involvement in the organisation of OACMUN will be widely recognised, making your CV and personal experience stand out. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the OACMUN legacy. Apply now using the link below and embark on a journey of storytelling, leadership, and impactful contribution!