OACMUN Conference

Ordo Ab Chao Model United Nations powered by INFON

Ordo Ab Chao Model United Nations has become an official project of the Center for the Promotion of Culture INFO.

This marks an important milestone for both OACMUN and INFON, as our collaboration will bring about the necessary change to reinforce OACMUN’s position as Serbia’s most professional MUN. Public speaking, negotiation, conflict resolution, comprehensive research and critical thinking are some of the main skills that young people can develop at our conferences. With OACMUN as an official project of INFON, these skill development opportunities will be brought to a significantly larger audience, enabling young individuals from all of Serbia and the region to enhance their communication and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, now that OACMUN is an official project of a registered entity, more specifically an NGO, it gains an enormous level of credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of potential partners and sponsors. This not only ensures higher quality events, but more accessible conferences, underlining our goal of broadly available education.

Lastly, with this move, we wish to gain the trust of our fellow delegates showing our commitment to long-term goals and sustainability.

Secretary General of OACMUN, Aleksandar Šćekić, and Director of the Center for promoting culture INFON, Nikola Nedeljković.