OACMUN Conference

Ordo Ab Chao Model United Nations powered by INFON

The first OACMUN conference came to a triumphant end, leaving a lasting mark on those who participated. The event held in Belgrade saw an extraordinary number of delegates from various ethnic backgrounds, including representatives from numerous International and Serbian schools, as well as delegates travelling a long way from abroad to participate in our conference.

This success was amplified by the amazing collaboration with our sponsors who ensured that the delegates were treated with the finest quality of food and beverages, keeping them energized throughout all 3 days of the MUN.

Throughout the conference, the committees remained highly active and engaged in addressing the most pressing issues of today’s geopolitical landscape. Showcasing their diplomatic skills, critical thinking abilities and in-depth knowledge of a variety of different topics, the delegates brought this conference to a higher level. Among them we have witnessed some of the most incredible displays of knowledge and intuition and certainly one of the most talented young debaters our region has to offer.

To amplify their success and entertain all the delegates with the outstanding, almost theatrical performances of our committee award winners, a “best delegate debate” took place on the last day of the conference in which the best delegate from each of our 4 committees participated in a debate against one another to truly find out who the best “best delegate” is. This new type of debate proved to be a thrilling success!

In conclusion, the first OACMUN conference was a resounding success, characterized by diversity, collaboration and academic excellence. As we look to the future, the legacy of our first MUN will serve as a reminder to significantly improve our next conference, ensuring that the participants, without whom this would not have been possible, have an even more memorable experience!