OACMUN Conference

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On this day, the OACMUN Secretariat comprised of the Project Manager Nikola Nedeljković, Secretary-General, Aleksandar Šćekić, and Deputy Secretary-General, Mateja Milovanović, went on an official visit to the embassy of the Kingdom of Spain. 

The primary focus of this visit was to explore intuitive ways for collaboration and discuss the shared vision of promoting Model United Nations conferences, making them more accessible for students all over Serbia, as well for those abroad.   

One of the most crucial aspects of the dialogue revolved around the importance of cooperation with institutions such as the Spanish Embassy to solidify OACMUN’s standing as an international event. Further discussions reaffirmed the importance of establishing a long-term and sustainable partnership, which will mutually benefit both OACMUN and the Spanish Embassy’s mission. 

One of the key points emphasised during the meeting was the significance of incorporating Spanish-speaking delegates and institutions in OACMUN conferences. Not only does Spanish hold the status of an official language within the United Nations, but it would also reflect the diverse linguistic characteristics of the Serbian Model United Nations community. The collaboration aims to underscore the importance of linguistic diversity, fostering a richer and more representative exchange of ideas within OACMUN. 

The OACMUN team expressed gratitude towards the Spanish Embassy for their openness to cooperation and their willingness to contribute to the realization of shared objectives. 

Welcoming the Spanish Embassy as an official partner of OACMUN is a necessary step towards building bridges between diplomatic entities and youth-led initiatives such as ours.

OACMUN Secretariat with Deputy Head of Mission of Embassy of Spain.
OACMUN Secretariat with Deputy Head of Mission of Embassy of Spain.